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About Us

Minority-owned, Portland-based Legend Food & Beverage (LFB) is behind some of the cannabis industry’s most innovative and diverse brands. Reaching across women’s wellness, sober curious nightlife, athletic performance, and stoned spiritualism, LFB offers cannabis beverages for everyone.

Third Eye THC Elixirs


Third Eye beverages are infused with goji berry and 25mg of THC for cannabis enthusiasts who crave altered states. Metaphysical undertones, ayurvedic ingredients, and sparkling carbonation work in harmony to awaken the third eye and mellow wandering thoughts.

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DV8 THC Mocktails


For sober curious partygoers and nightlife lovers, DV8 is reinventing classic cocktails with a cannabis twist. THC cannabis infusions are the perfect alcohol alternative, so you can vibe all night and skip the hangover tomorrow. DV8 from the norm with a canna-replica of long island iced tea and kyiv mules.

Harmonic CBD and THC Spirits


Rise and Rosé beverages are part of Harmonic CBD’s all-day micro dosing line. These sparkling seltzers are alcohol-free with fizzy, vibrant flavors that naturally unlock creativity and energy. Available in both THC and CBD varieties, Harmonic helps all women achieve balance with gentle, discreet doses.

LEGENDS CBD Fitness Drinks


LEGENDS was developed by pro athletes who understand the physical toll of pushing your body to the limit. These CBD-infused beverages are the key to exercising responsibly and aging gracefully. Two new flavors, Hydro Sport and Driven Energy, offer targeted support for fatigue, tension, aches, and pains.

El Hempe THC Seltzers


El Hempe already has an established line of terpene-infused tequila cocktails that have the aroma and taste of weed, now they’re flipping the script. Mellowing Margarita is a brand new, THC-infused mocktail seltzer with agave flavor infusions that replicate the taste of tequila. Drinkers can get high and enjoy tequila terpenes without any alcohol or hangovers.

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